Services Provided

Design – Let our award-winning design team help you create a booth that is sure to stand out among the crowd! We will provide you with as many design revisions until your vision is complete.

Construction – Our team of skilled workers will build your booth using only quality materials to ensure the structural integrity of your booth is at the highest.

Free Storage* –  We provide FREE storage for your booth if you decide to use it again for the same event the following year.

Installation/Dismantle – Allow our team of experienced professionals to assemble your booth in a timely manner while ensuring that any amenities (lights, video, audio, etc.)  are functional for the duration of your event.

Delivery – Whether your event is around the corner at the Las Vegas Convention Center, or the Northern regions of Maine, coast-to-coast Yintin Inc has you covered!  Once built and ready to go, your booth will be securely packaged, shipped from our warehouse and arrive safely at your event.

*MUST use our services the next fiscal year.

IFT 2017

30x40ft Booth

BIO 2017

20x30ft Booth

NAFSA 2017

20x80ft Booth

NRA Show 2017

15x35ft Booth

GlobalShop 2017

20x20ft Booth


20x25ft Booth

SEG 2017

30x30ft Booth

Money2020 2017

10x20ft Booth

Sign Expo 2017

20x20ft Booth

MAGIC 2017

10x20ft & 10x40 Booths

OFC 2017

10x10ft Booth


20x20ft Booth


10x20ft Booth


30x30ft Booth


10x30ft & 10x10 Booths


10x20ft Booth


10x20ft & 20x60ft Booths